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Why there is a need of annual boiler service?

Boiler is one of the most essential part of your home as your central heating and hot water depends on it. There are very high chances that a malfunctioning boiler could be unsafe because it could begin to seep carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, colorless and odorless gas. Even a magnifying glass couldn’t help to see carbon monoxide. The most expensive equipment is used when it comes to detecting carbon monoxide leaking from your expensive Boiler Installation. A faulty boiler can cause your appliances to work harder, which results your energy bills going higher by 18%. Servicing a boiler regularly will keep you hassle free and will save your money

Annual boiler service in Southall

Getting the new boiler installed or replaced is just one thing, keeping it safe and working smoothly afterwards is very important for which you need someone experienced and not that costly to maintain your boiler on regular basis, Inspection by experienced engineer can increase the age of your boiler and can decrease the chances of unforeseen breakdowns and costly repairs. Many service providers offer annual boiler service plan but there is a big “WHY” while choosing the perfect service provider for your boiler, As you must not rely on unexperienced service providers with your plumbing and heating systems. But the question arises who should be trusted to give the best service and why? The answer is Flowteck.

How much does annual boiler service cost?

Annual boiler service cost may vary based on your boiler type, location, property area and work needed to be done, regular checkups of your boiler is the best way to keep the prices down, fixing issues of your Boiler Breakdown is usually less expensive as compared to replacing it. Most of the companies offering annual maintenance plans costs ranging between £150 and £350

Complete boiler cover starting from £96

No need to worry anymore, Flowteck offers full cover for your boiler starting from 96£ per year. Annual boiler service cover by Flowteck is not your ordinary cover it includes all the necessary checks done by highly experienced and gas safe registered engineers

Boiler annual service and breakdown cover includes:

  • Repairing and Cleaning any blocked air vents and flues
  • Our engineers will do a full inspection of chimney structure and wherever necessary, cleaning of the burner, combustion chamber, any injectors and heat exchanger, inspection of radiator and valves, pipes and electricals.
  • Maintaining and Checking a suitable water level
  • Flushing water from the product maintain efficiency
  • Fixing any small water, gas, or fuel leaks around the unit
  • De-scaling hard water to reduce attrition and improve efficiency
  • Measurement and analysis of combustion according to the tolerances set by boiler’s manufacturer
  • Functional testing of all gas connections
  • A detailed assessment on your present heating controls and expert’s advice for energy efficiency
  • Engineers will leave you with the checklist of the work that has been done, will give you tips about the Boiler Repair safety and will treat your property like their own to do their work nice and tidy.

Annual Boiler Service Plans

Annual Service  £ 96
Boiler & Controls Cover  £ 240
Annual Plumbing & Heating  £ 300
Full Cover  £ 360

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Annual boiler service contract procedure

There’re several things we can help you with when it comes to cutting down the cost on your new boiler or your existing Boiler Replacement. Our service plans were tailored and were always built keeping our customers in mind. The back bone of Flowteck is quality over quantity, therefore We do not compromise with our services.

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The boilers we recommend and work with regularly are all leading brands in the industry

Worcester Bosch is our highest recommended unit. Worcester Bosch has been awarded the Which? best buy within the industry. Manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 5 to 10 years depending on the boiler. A+ ERP rating. Worcester boiler annual service cost starts from 100£ and vary based on your property and need. Vaillant is a leading German brand in the home heating industry since 1874. A ERP rating. Also comes with 5-10 years manufacturer’s warranty depending on the boiler. one of the best for noise efficiency.

For annual boiler service appointment just give us a call on +44 (0) 203 3371 1958 or email us on [email protected]