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Boiler Breakdown in Hayes

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Boiler Breakdown in Hayes

The boiler is essential to any household. Such extreme weather means that hot water and central heating are essential. Flowteck guarantees that even though such extreme conditions may prevail, the quality of service remains unchanged Most boilers are not maintained very well, hence leading to problems. A boiler breakdown and service cover can ensure that your family does not suffer from tough circumstances in this harsh weather. All boilers, if properly maintained,can last for a decade. Regular malfunction signals an issue with one of the components, since it has not received proper maintenance Plans for boiler breakdown cover Hayes area UB1, UB2 means no more inconvenience and boiler problems. Our team has the experience to respond to all your boiler queries courtesy of the Flowteck experience. This ensures that boiler break down cover and top-quality customer service go hand in hand.

Why you should choose Flowteck?

At Flowteck , boiler breakdown cover is  not the only service that is provided.All Flowteck customers share similar feelings. Flowteck offers affordable boiler breakdown cover without any hidden charges. We have a variety of boiler cover plans to choose from, which can be done without fear of any hidden charges.

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Boiler Repair



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That’s why at Flowteck, we always recommend that you receive your annual boiler maintenance by one our highly trained engineer’s that are Gas safe registered to ensure your boiler is operating in the most safe and efficient way possible.

Gas Safe Installers

At  Flowteck LTD we not only focus on our teams but also on our individual team members.The Flowteck team does not only conform with guidelines and rules, they are incorporated into the fabric of the company on a daily basis. Our training methods involve specialized courses to develop expertly-skilled engineers. We commit our time and resources to these individuals in order to develop a relationship of trust with our customers, since customer satisfaction is our top priority. Gas Safe Register is a certified registration group in the UK to ensure that customer safety and security is not compromised by untrained engineers, Flowteck is honored to be a Gas Safe registered firm, since we are responsible.

Why you should trust us?

  • No excess fee is charged, only fixed price for a month
  • Industry certified personnel, fully insured and standards comply with domestic gas industry
  • Unlimited call outs, no extra charges for call out fees
  • No hidden fees, our pricing is clear cut
  • Best service rates according to customer budget in mind
  • Gas safe engineers, all engineers and sub-contractors are carefully vetted


Boiler Breakdown Cover for Landlords in Southall

If you have more than one property that needs boiler breakdowns & plumbing specialists, then look no further. we at Flowteck have designed a service keeping all our customers in mind. Our boiler breakdown cover for landlords is the best solution to keep the tenants happy and bills down. Most estate agents will charge landlords a percentage of the monthly rental income for property management which seems like a good deal. But you don’t actually get a good deal. Landlords are still charged for annually gas safety certificates, remedial, plumbing and heating and electrical call outs. At flowteck we can help you save money.

Look at this example based on our landlord pro cover at £35 a month on one call out for each of the services in one year:



  • Gas safety cert £96 inc vat
  • Included in cover plan
  • Remedials average cost £180 inc vat
  • Included in cover plan plus parts and additional labour
  • Plumbing and heating average call out excluding parts and extra labour £96 inc vat
  • Included in cover plan plus parts and additional labour
  • Boiler breakdown call out excluding parts and additional labour £84 inc vat
  • Included in cover plan plus parts and additional labour
  • Average electrical call outs excluding parts and labour £84 inc vat
  • Included in cover plan plus parts and additional labour
  • Total cost inc vat £540
  • Total cost inc vat £420.


All our boiler breakdown cover for landlords have unlimited call outs at no extra charge, So what are you waiting for? Get in touch

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