Boiler Replacement in Hayes

Boiler problems are the worst possible thing to happen in such cold weather, If you fear your boiler might completely malfunction, replacement by Gas Safe installers is the safest decision to make. Dedicated professionals at Flowteck will assist you with only the best advice on reducing boiler replacement cost. All Flowteck specialists are well-versed in customer service and committed to the Hayes region of B1, UB2. We will also guide on the exact appliance your home needs: a combi boiler replacement, conventional boiler replacement or system boiler replacement. The second step is choosing the right b boiler manufacturer, Since Flowteck believes in nothing but the best, we suggest only the very best, the Worcester Bosch and Valiant boilers.

How much does a Boiler Replacement Cost?

Boiler replacement cost depends on factors such as your property and personal requirements. On average, boiler replacements cost £4154 across the UK, varying between £2595 and £5820. Additional work, like examining the tanks cost another £500. Flowteck, however, offers the same services starting at £1700 supplied and fitted

The boiler replacement cost at Flowteck LTD starts from £1700 supplied and fitted

What are you waiting for?

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The boilers we recommend and work with regularly are all leading brands in the industry

Worcester Bosch is our highest recommended unit. Which? best buy was awarded to Worcester Bosch within the industry. Boiler replacement 10 year warranty comes from manufacturer depending on the boiler. A+ ERP rating. Boiler Replacement Worcester cost starts from £1200 and may vary depending on your property and work needed. Whereas boiler replacement Vaillant cost starts from £1000. Vaillant is a leading German brand in the home heating industry since 1874. A ERP rating. Also comes with 5-10 years manufacturer’s warranty depending on the boiler. one of the best for noise efficiency.

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