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Boiler Replacement in Southall

In the frosty weather the last thing you need is your boiler malfunctioned, If your boiler is on the blink and you are worried it might breakdown, the best option you have is to get it replaced by Gas Safe installers. Our team of experts will help you out in this situation with the best recommendations and tips to cut down the boiler replacement cost. All engineers at flowteck are highly experienced and registered Gas Safe Installers with impeccable customer service in Southall area UB1, UB2. We will also help you out with the crucial decisions either your home needs a combi boiler replacement, conventional boiler replacement or system boiler replacement. After finding the right type of boiler next thing is selecting the brand of your boiler, Mostly we recommend Worcestor Bosch and Vaillant boilers as they are the leading brands in the market.

How much does a Boiler Replacement Cost?

Boiler replacement cost is based on your property size and what boiler serves your need perfectly. Generally the average cost of replacing a boiler is around £4154 nationwide, which makes it range between £2595 to £5820.  Testing the tank for leaks and other problems may cost you around £500 additionally. On the other hand Flowteck provides complete boiler replacement cover starting from £1700 supplied and fitted.

The boiler replacement cost at flowteck starts from £1700 supplied and fitted

What are you waiting for?

Get your Boiler Replaced today

The boilers we recommend and work with regularly are all leading brands in the industry

Worcester Bosch is our highest recommended unit. Worcester Bosch has been awarded the Which? best buy within the industry. Boiler replacement 10 year warranty comes from manufacturer depending on the boiler. A+ ERP rating. Boiler Replacement Worcester cost starts from £1200 and may vary depending on your property and work needed. Whereas boiler replacement Vaillant cost starts from £1000. Vaillant is a leading German brand in the home heating industry since 1874. A ERP rating. Also comes with 5-10 years manufacturer’s warranty depending on the boiler. one of the best for noise efficiency.

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